Looking for a Swing DJ to play music for your event? Here is contact info for the DJs that have played for CSDS.

Wil Reed has been collecting music since the 8-track craze. So his Swing CD collection, though large, is but a small portion of his music library. Wil has been dancing for over six years and DJing for four. Locally, he has DJed for Shoreline Swing (of which he also served as President), as well as for CSDS, Vinnie's Jump & Jive, and other local venues. He's also DJed as a guest at Summer Hummer in Massachusetts, The Call in Rhode Island, and the Maine Exchange. Wil teaches throughout Connecticut and Rhode Island.
Contact Wil at www.jester@lindylovers.com

Rob Szarka has been collecting music and DJing on radio for almost two decades, and began DJing for dancers in 2001. He can be found spinning the tunes for Lindy Hop and West Coast Swing at dances throughout the Northeast, as well as at events like Boston Tea Party, New Year's Eve Dance Extravaganza, Summer Hummer, North Atlantic Dance Championships, Beantown Camp, Connecticut Lindy Exchange, and Maine Lindy Exchange. Rob has also mixed sound for top jazz musicians at events like American Lindy Hop Championships, Connecticut Lindy Exchange, and the annual Philly Workshop Weekend. He is also active as an organizer and instructor.


We used to hire bands every month. For now, budgetary restraint has us using DJ's. When we can, we hire bands. Here are bands we have hired and/or would hire if we could.