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If an event needs to be cancelled (due to weather, instructor illness, attack by aliens), there will be an announcement here at least two hours before the event.


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The time has come for the next generation of CSDS Directors to make themselves known and provide new energy to keep the mission moving forward. 

The existing Directors want to make space for this new, as yet unknown group. New events will be scheduled when the new Directors are ready to do their thing — that being setting their own game plan of dances and classes, expressing their swingin' enthusiasm by  encouraging dancers to develop dance skills, going to other dance scenes and inviting dancers to visit CSDS and to inspire the CSDS swing dance community to swing out to the fullest. 

Positive, friendly, welcoming attitude a must. Creativity and enthusiasm especially helpful.

The existing CSDS Directors are willing and able to help and support a smooth transition for new CSDS Directors. If you are interesting in participating in the mission to make CT a better place for all by directing CSDS to support a vibrant swing scene for dancers of all levels, make yourself known either in person or by message and we'll talk!

Tracy Benedict
Dan Multer
Nancy Prior
Laura Richling
JoAnn Wagner
Michael Wagner
Rich Wilber

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Here's more on the above:

Did you know that Connecticut Swing Dance Society has been putting on dances and dance classes since 1990? That’s 24 years—nearly a quarter-century!

Big changes are coming to CSDS — read on.

Over this time, many people have danced, learned, practiced, made friends, found a social circle, found the love of their life (be that a person...or a style of dance!) and enriched their life through CSDS.

Add to that any number of ways the group has helped spread the love of dance to the wider world—from helping many other swing dance clubs in Connecticut get started, to presenting classes with the best local instructors, bringing in national and even international instructors all the way up to Frankie Manning, developing new local instructors, putting on special events to bring dancers from far and wide to have good times with CT dancers such as multiple Swing into Springs and Holiday Swing Balls, to sponsoring special events such as Connecticut Lindy Exchange, sponsoring teenage swing dancers and Beantown Dance Camp attendees, to simply being the place from which individuals have “gotten the bug” that made them take their dancing to other places around the world.

CSDS has been a big part of the swing dance scene in CT since it's redevelopment to now and made CT a better place to live.

The strength of a dance scene relies on good leadership. This leadership most often includes a small group of individuals who provide the foundation to support and sustain the scene for the folks who frequent it: the “regulars.” These leaders —their enthusiasm, energy, and dedication, usually on a volunteer basis—fuel the ongoing activity: the dances, classes, special events and also the energy, enthusiasm, and dedication of existing regulars...and new arrivals who become regulars in time.

The current leaders of CSDS have been serving the organization for quite a few years now. We have, with much thought and deliberation, come to a collective decision:

Its time to bring in new leadership to revitalize our scene!

To encourage new leadership to step forward, following our annual Member Party this July (7/12/2014), the present leadership of CSDS will go on hiatus for 12 months. We will not host dances or classes.

We would like to offer this period as a time to see if anyone is interested in stepping forward to take a leadership role in CSDS—be that

  1. A resumption of the organization similar to what it has been, or
  2. A re-organizing

As good stewards of our organization and dance community and because we'd like to see our dance scene live on with new energy and enthusiasm, we'll meet with people interested in continuing our mission to determine if they are a good fit and also to assist them if wanted, in taking over.

As CSDS is an established, qualified CT non-profit 501(c)3 organization, certain criteria should be met for it to retain its status. Nothing onerous but for example:

  • It must remain in CT—although not necessarily in the New Haven area.
  • It should be focused on swing dancing

While the current leadership has focused on swing dance styles including Lindy Hop, East Coast, Charleston, Blues, Balboa, and the like, a re-organizing might have a different style focus (while retaining the points outlined above). This would be up to the new leadership to define.

The current leadership will hold meetings over the coming year—quarterly, and potentially additional, as requested by interested parties on dates to be announced via email, Facebook and CSDS website.

Both individuals and groups of people who'd like to participate cooperatively are encouraged to explore possibilities with us.

If you'd like to attend any meeting or express your interest in taking on a leadership role, please contact us via email at or Facebook—or simply speak with a current member of the Board.

We look forward to dancing with you at other venues—you’ll still find links to those on our website []

CSDS Board of Directors

Tracy Benedict
Dan Multer
Nancy Prior
Laura Richling
JoAnn Wagner
Michael Wagner
Rich Wilber


CSDS Monthly Dance

Dance in Rhythm, 19 South Main St., Branford, CT 06473

No partner needed, lots of fun people to meet and dance with.
Free refreshments.
Casual attire or dress up if you like.

Check back here for great dance parties - see above


Why should you take CSDS swing dance classes?

To see how fun swing dancing can be, watch the video below of instructors from across the country showing their stuff at Beantown dance camp 2012.

Check back here for our next upcoming classes!


IF you didn't go to Beantown Camp 2013, you missed one dancelicious event. Plan now to go to Beantown Camp June 26 - July 3, 2014 so you don't miss out on the most fun you can have on vacation, period!

Beantown Camp has the best dancing, classes and parties in one place at one time! 2014 will be it's 18th year of awesomeness.

Take a dance vacation and have a blast at great dance parties with fantastic music from some of North America's best swing bands and swing DJ's, fun Lindy Hop classes with world renowned instructors, focus classes in balboa, blues, Charleston, jazz, hip-hop, musicality, style, spinning, aerials, partnering skills and more, Broadway quality instructor performances, camper talent show, Soul music party, karioke and barbeques by the ocean.

Make new dance friends from across the US and internationally and have an all around fine swingin' time!

Beantown Camp takes place at the beautiful Endicott College campus surrounded by mansions in scenic Beverly Farms, MA on the Atlantic Ocean with access to the beach so you can swim in a real ocean to cool off whenever you want. A dance vacation at the beach? What's not to like?

All inclusive cost for all you can eat daily classes, dance parties with live bands and great dj music, good quality food and housing is only about $70/day. Are you kidding? You can't rent just a hotel room at beach for that let alone have all the real goodies. Don't miss out, make sure you get to the next Beantown Camp — it's almost too much fun!

CSDS recommends Beantown Camp for memorable good times with people who LOVE to dance and a big bump up in your dance skill level so you can have more dancing fun than ever when you come home.

Help us put on great events and classes for you!

Make a donation to CSDS and you'll help us provide you with great music from talented musicians and DJs, high quality dance instructors and the best dance parties!

We are a 501(c)3 organization so your donation is 100% tax deductible. Thanks for helping us make Connecticut a better place to live for all of us!

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Connecticut Swing Dance Society is a non-profit, volunteer run arts organization dedicated to creating and serving a vibrant swing dance community for all levels, making Connecticut a better place to live.

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